London Labour Regional Executive Committee Report - June 2019


This was initially circulated by PDF to CLP secretaries in Division 3.

Dear members, 

It’s now been four months since you elected us to the London Regional Board. Its name has changed and we are now the London Regional Executive Committee (REC).

We want to highlight two issues directly relevant to the CLPs we represent.


Where do your motions go?

Working groups were set up to implement motions from Regional Conference. We have made sure that one or both of us is represented on each working group relevant to motions submitted by the CLPs we represent:

·        Grenfell Tower Atrocity, Bermondsey and Old Southwark – Sam and James together

·        Advocating Transparency of the BAME Pay Gap, Croydon North and South – Sam

·        Knife Crime, Camberwell and Peckham – James and Sam to lead)

In addition, James will sit on the committee regarding Embedded Immigration Officers in local authorities, and Sam will sit on one regarding Racism and the Far Right.

We will fight to make sure that the decisions of conference are fully implemented. The motions are available here:


London Assembly Member Selections

There have been concerns raised conduct at some selection meetings in London. We have pushed for London Region to clarify the guidance issued to CLPs to ensure that these meetings run smoothly and are democratic and fair to all.


Other issues

We stood on a joint platform with other candidates across London, pledging to open up the REC and make London Labour more democratic. So in addition to the issues we have highlighted above we also contributed to a collective report on everything that happened in the first meeting.

Read the collective report here:


Do keep in touch - we want to hear from you and we are happy to visit your CLP.


In solidarity,

Sam Green and James McAsh

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