Goose Green Councillor Report- 4th July

Work in the community

Here is a sample of some of the work we have done in the community in June.

Empowering Communities

The Community Council system has been replaced by a more flexible and resident-led approach named Empowering Communities. Instead of meeting as the four Dulwich wards, we will have the option to meet just as Goose Green or to arrange joint meetings with whichever neighbouring wards make sense. The first meeting was on 24th June and we began to discuss potential agenda items for future meetings. Popular topics included air pollution and climate change, transport, and crime. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

North Cross Road

Following a successful bid to the council’s Cleaner Greener Safer fund we are working with a group of local small businesses to put a mural on the street, along with some other bits of street furniture. Watch this space.


Southwark Labour Group has discussed Brexit multiple times since the referendum and has strived to hold a position which is best for the party, the country and the people of Southwark. As the threat of No Deal has grown and grown, the Group’s position has developed. Southwark Labour is now of the view that any Brexit deal should be put to a public vote and that in this vote Southwark Labour expect to campaign for Remain.


School Cuts

On the 22nd June James and Victoria attended the National Education Union’s ‘Together for Education’ event in Westminster. We discussed the school funding crisis and in particular the impact it is having on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Schools in Goose Green have had their budgets slashed every year and this is only continuing under Tory austerity. Between 2015 and 2018 one local school - Goose Green Primary School - lost £720k. That’s almost £750 per student.

However, the issue is beginning to cut through and it is interesting that Tory leadership contenders Hunt and Johnson have both suggested that it may be time for more money for schools. Proof that campaigning works!


Number 12 Bus

At the end of last year TfL consulted on a number of proposed changes to bus routes and timetables. In general we felt that these would disadvantage Goose Green residents so we opposed them. However, when the changes were introduced we discovered that the number 12 bus will see a cut in service frequency. This was not covered by the consultation. We are writing to the Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander, to register our opposition to this change and to request that the decision be overturned.